KWAM Europe – In a Nutshell

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Relationship Throughout Europe & Tools for Ministry

Purpose : To build relationships among young European leaders and to equip them with tools for their ministry.

Who : Target group: our best emerging leaders age 20-32, who should already be assuming ministry leadership. Each group consists of approx. 25-30 people.

How long : The programm runs for two years, whereas participans meet twice a year as entire cohort and in-between in local cohorts.

Where : In alternate locations throughout Europe.

Content : The four major focuses are:

1. Scripture :  How to read and use your Bible in ministry, different approcaches to Bible study

2. Discipleship : How to shape and engage others in ministry, leadership and discpileship techniques

3. Spiritual Dimension/The Invisible Realm : Spiritual tools and realities in ministry, Spiritual warfare, Prophecy, Baptism in Holy Spirit

4. Mission in the World : Being part of the whole, how to safeguard and fulfill your ministry.

Recurring Components : Question & Answer panel, Prophetic prayer for one another, Connection to one another, sharing your story, Networking throughout Europe.

Accommodation & Meals : The host church is responsible for the logistics (accommodation,transportation and the meals.)

Budget : Costs for meals, transportation on site accomodation and other expenses will be covered by the participant’s fee (50 euro) and KWAM sponsors. The participants pay for their trip to the site (upon request some of the travel expenses can be covered by the KWAM Grant, subject to verified need)